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Description :

Where's My Mickey? XL is an entertaining physics-based puzzle game for iPad from the creators of Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry?

Help Mickey solve his water crisis

The idea of Where's My Mickey? XL is that you must find a way get the water to travel through a network of pipes and into Mickey's bucket. You do this by digging tunnels for the water to pass through, filling clouds up with water and then positioning them to rain in the right place, activating mechanisms using water, and more. It's much the same as the previous Where's My? games, but even if you've played these previous games to death, you'll find a few new new twists on the gamplay in Where's My Mickey? XL.

The nature of the puzzles is very repetitive, but Where's My Mickey? XL tries hard to add variety to the gameplay. There are lots of mechanics to figure out, stars and achievements to collect, and objects to find in the dirt.

There are three different stages in Where's My Mickey? XL, each with 20 levels. The stages are based around a particular storyline. For example, in the first one Mickey is serving refreshments on the beach and has run out of water. In the second stage he's fighting a strange little fire, and in the third he enters a gardening competition. There are two further stages featuring Goofy that can be unlocked through in-app purchase.

Controls are child's play

The controls in Where's My Mickey? XL are pretty straightforward. You drag your finger through the dirt to tunnel through the mud, tap the clouds to release rain and slide your finger across the screen to control the wind. Obviously most of the puzzles depend on you figuring out the mechanics of a level every time, and this is part of the fun of the game.

Bringing Mickey to life

Where's My Mickey? XL is developed by Disney and as you'd expect, they've used the license for their rodent figurehead to great effect. This is the best presented of all the Where's My? games and Disney fans will adore it.

The graphics are based around vintage Mickey Mouse, so don't be put off if you think things look badly drawn at times - it's supposed to be like that!

The best thing about the game are the fun cut scenes that appear in between levels, which are different every time and based around a recurring theme. For example, in the first level they are all about Mickey trying to get lemons into a jug of water - with hilarious consequences!

The verdict

Where's My Mickey? XL is the most accomplished game in the series so far, and is a real delight for Disney fans. Hopefully more stages will be available in time.

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